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Atelier Hospitality creates tailor-made projects in synergy with the most prestigious Italian and international architecture and interior design firms.

Atelier Hospitality deals internationally with Strategic Contract for Hospitality and Restaurants, Residences, Retail and Business spaces. It manages prestigious contracts for luxury hotels and for large real estate complexes that include residences, hotels, restaurants, bars, pub, conference centers, offices, fitness and swimming pool facilities, wellness and spa centers, shops and boutiques, dance halls, cinemas, and libraries.

In addition to providing furniture, fixtures and equipment (Joinery, FF&E), operational supplies (textiles and cutlery) and equipment (OS&E), the company is also able to manage the entire lifecycle of any project, no matter how small or large.


The Treviso-based company was born from the fruitful partnership between Stefano Giudici and Imad Dajani.

Over the years, Stefano Giudici, Project Manager, has developed in-depth knowledge of the particular features of the Italian and European market, as well as the ability to propose the most suitable solutions for any situation.

His innovative ideas, deep passion for his work, and ability to listen to those in front of him, allow him to understand and meet the expectations of customers with professionalism. He is also a leader who is attentive to the special skills and dynamics of his team, knowing how best to hone each member’s strengths.


Imad Dajani has been working in the hotel procurement industry for thirty years with excellent results.

His background in engineering has led him to develop and apply a revolutionary approach to managing the hospitality sector, obtaining unbeatable and repeatable results over time. His integrity and his predisposition to put human relationships first have allowed him to build an international network of reliable and trusted suppliers and collaborators.


Atelier Hospitality can rely on a widespread and well-distributed network of specialised artisans/manufacturers able to meet every need, as well as more than 1,500 suppliers including some of the most prestigious Italian and international designers.

The company’s contractual power and relationship with suppliers enables it to obtain the best products at the most competitive prices, as well as meet the established deadlines.

Atelier Hospitality not only completely satisfies the requests of customers, but is also recognised as a reliable partner by Italian and international architecture and interior design firms that place their trust in the Company.


Atelier Hospitality is made up of a team of more than 20 multilingual professionals located in various offices in Europe (Italy, France, England, Spain, etc), who are always eager to assist customers and listen and talk to them face to face in the different local languages, to make communication as immediate and profitable as possible.

Its members, who are experts and professionals in interior design, are always looking for the best new trends offered by an ever-evolving international market so that they can recommend them in advance to customers.


Atelier Hospitality’s, proven management approach allows the company to listen attentively to the needs and requests of customers, to plan the strategy best suited to the situation and meticulously manage all the phases of the project until its completion.

Strict attention to every single detail, supported by continuous controls during the design and implementation phase, combined with the extreme flexibility of the structure, ensure that the company always maintains the highest quality standards, while meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers and handling any unforeseen events in the most professional manner.